My first entry.. and not a bad one at that! I have always had a dream of living in California and owning a red Harley Davidson. Other than being a tennis world champ, as child this most definitely ranked #1. Don't ask me why, I couldn't tell you! 
My trip to the US was set around going to watch Indian Wells, which I'm sure if you are a tennis lover you would have heard of. The day before I left Covid-19 struck and the tournament was cancelled. For obvious reasons I was disappointed. But as is life!
Of course this didn't dampen the whole trip as I was due to meet up with some very inspiring and like-minded individuals who I had only ever spoken to via social media and email. I find that a really strange phenomenon.. for sure one of the most incredible things about technology. 
The first to meet was Caitlin from the only tennis magazine you need to know about Racquet Mag. If you haven't yet heard of it you will thank me now you do. They had set up for the week at this awesome house with a private tennis court in Palm Springs. Caitlin overwhelms with her warmth and openness and didn't waste a minute introducing me to people and offering me the most impromptu opportunity for a photoshoot. Not your average either... probably going to be hard to beat this one! Thank you Caitlin! Another incredibly kind and beautiful soul I was fortunate enough to meet Laura... @jameslaura who modelled for me!

Another bucket list for me, a drive through the Cali desert which I can now tick off. A little disappointed I didn't realise how close I was to Joshua Tree but I will have to save that for next time. I am a huge nature lover and the desert didn't disappoint with the feeling of vastness it offers. Limitless and free, a feeling I aspire to feel more often. Driving is another favourite of mine, like playing tennis, one of the greatest sensations in life. 

Now onto The Courts in Borrego Springs! Now this place is just unreal. Unreal is the only word I can use to describe it. Photos can just about do it justice. It just so happened that it rained pretty much solidly throughout my whole trip so I didn't get a chance to play on the courts... Highly recommend this place, no doubts worth the trip out there! 

I was fortunate enough to be staying at a friends in Laurel Canyon, and spent the next few days visiting clubs in and around LA. I managed to meet up with Sophie, who is another huge tennis lover and entrepreneur. Due to the virus (and rain) we didn't managed to get on court for a hit, but Sophie is an awesome player and competed to a very high standard. Another very genuine and passionate person. Be sure to check her out! Instagram - @sophieanger 

Malibu didn't let me down... very cool. Malibu Racquet Club is in a special setting and a real hidden gem. Definition of classy and understated. 

I have always really appreciated good craftmanship and there is something about surf boards that I find very pleasing. Where my love for classic cars and Harleys stem from too. Anything you can feel has been made with real genuine love and passion! This is in Surfing Cowboys, Malibu


Unfortunately the rest of my trip was a little restricted due to the pandemic. But here's one of my sunny mornings at Venice Beach Basketball and Padel Tennis Courts... I will live here one day!

One thing that travel does give you is an expanded mind. I feel very fortunate to have seen so much of the world in my few years and travelling places on my own has always acted as a huge catalyst for my personal growth. Even though the landscapes and nature never cease to amaze me, it is always the people that you meet and in the connections you make that will always matter the most and leave you with the greatest, longest lasting impact.

What an epic adventure I will not be forgetting in a hurry!